Tiger Lights 35W LED Compact Flood Light / Generation 2

  • Brand: Tiger Lights
  • Product Code: TL350F
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $107.83

Tiger Lights

Tiger Lights 35W LED Compact Flood Light / Generation 2

Part number : TL350F
Pack size : 1 ea

UPC code : 196140000878

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Mustang : 2012, 1350R, 1500R, 1650R, 1900R, 2200R, 2600R, 2700V, 3300V, 4000V
Amps : 2.600
Depth : 3"
Includes : Stainless steel hardware and mounting bracket
Length : 4 1/4"
Light Pattern : Flood
Lumens : 5000
Volt : 12-24
Warranty : Limited Lifetime
Watt : 35
Width : 4 1/2"
Amps 2.600
Depth 3 in
Includes Stainless steel hardware and mounting bracket
Length 4 1/4 in
Light Pattern Flood
Lumens 5000
Volt 12-24
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Watt 35
Width 4 1/2 in