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Atlantic Quality Parts Lube Filter / Kubota HH160-32430

Brand: Stens
Product Code: HF3105
Availability: In Stock
Price: $6.45

Atlantic Quality Parts Lube Filter / Kubota HH160-32430

Part number : HF3105
Pack size : 1 ea
UPC code : 023899500048

Replace OEM & Other Cross References
Allis Chalmers 4027979, Allis Chalmers 45134111, Allis Chalmers 74027979, CaseIH 1909102, CaseIH 47128196, CaseIH 84221215, CaseIH 86546609, CaseIH 86546609DS, CaseIH 925229C1, CaseIH 925229C91, Deutz 2.4419.340.0, Deutz 244193400, Fiat 1909102, Ford/New Holland 1901602, Ford/New Holland 1909102, Ford/New Holland 1909102MP, Ford/New Holland 1930365, Ford/New Holland 1931165, Ford/New Holland 4625546, Ford/New Holland 4630787, Ford/New Holland 47128149, Ford/New Holland 47128196, Ford/New Holland 4730587, Ford/New Holland 77903230, Ford/New Holland 77903232, Ford/New Holland 77903236, Ford/New Holland 77903239, Ford/New Holland 77903254, Ford/New Holland 77903255, Ford/New Holland 77903256, Ford/New Holland 77903532, Ford/New Holland 77903537, Ford/New Holland 77903554, Ford/New Holland 77903627, Ford/New Holland 80749513, Ford/New Holland 81909102, Ford/New Holland 83903716, Ford/New Holland 84221215, Ford/New Holland 86546609, Ford/New Holland 86546609CDS, Ford/New Holland 86546609DS, Ford/New Holland 920009250, Ford/New Holland D2NN6714C, Ford/New Holland D5NN6714A, Ford/New Holland D5NN6714ADS, Ford/New Holland D9NN6714CA, Kubota 15451-32430, Kubota 15451-99170, Kubota 16121-32430, Kubota 16121-99170, Kubota 16541-32430, Kubota 16543-99170, Kubota 70000-15451, Kubota HH160-32430, Same 2.4419.340.0, Same W1140, Baldwin BT267, Fleetguard LF3449, Fleetguard LF682, Wix 51411
Fits Model
Allis Chalmers 180, 180 w/ 2800 Eng, 185D w/ 2800 Eng, 190, 190XT, 190XT III, 210, 220, 220D, 2800 Diesel Eng, 2900 Diesel Eng, 3400 Diesel Eng, 3500 Diesel Eng, 3500 MK II Diesel Eng, 4-33I Diesel Eng, 4-33T Diesel Eng, 500 Lift Truck, 5045, 5050, 545 Wheel Loader (S/N 2501-up), 545 Wheel Loader (to S/N 2501), 545-H Wheel Loader (S/N 2501-up), 545-H Wheel Loader (to S/N 2501), 600 Lift Truck, 6018, 6060, 6070, 6080, 616 Cotton Picker, 622 Cotton Picker, 65B Grader, 705D Lift Truck, 706D Lift Truck, 707 Cotton Picker, 707XTB Cotton Picker, 708D Lift Truck, 710C Loader, 714C Backhoe, 715C Backhoe, 7G Crawler w / 3500 Eng, 801 Cotton Picker, 802 Cotton Picker, 880 Cotton Picker, 918 Backhoe, A Combine II Series, A Combine W/D262, ACC100 LIft Truck, ACC120 Lift Truck, ACC60 Lift Truck, ACC70 Lift Truck, ACC80 Lift Truck, AH Combine w / D262, B Combine w / D262, C Combine, C Combine II, CH Combine, CR Combine, D17D (Prior to Series IV), D17D (Series IV), D19D, D21D, D2200 Diesel Eng, D262 Diesel Eng, D262T Diesel Eng, DD Grader, E Combine w / D262, F Combine w / 2800 Eng, F2 Combine, F3 Combine, FD100-24 Lift Truck, FD120-24 Lift Truck, FD70-24 Lift Truck, FD80-24 Lift Truck, FPD70-24 Lift Truck, FPD80-24 Lift Truck, FSD70-24 Lift Truck, FSD80-24 Lift Truck, G Combine, G2200 Gas Eng, G2500 Gas Eng, G262 Gas Eng, G2800 Gas Eng, GH Combine, H4 Crawler, HD16D Crawler, HD16DC Crawler, HD16DP Crawler, HD21A Crawler, HD4 Crawler, K Combine, K2 Combine, M65 Grader w / D262, R Combine, R Combine w / D262, R1 Combine, T16D Loader, TL10D Loader, TL12D Loader, TL545 Loader w/ G2800, TL645 Loader w / 11000 Eng, TL645 Loader w/ 3500 Diesel, TL645H Loader w / 11000 Eng, TL653 Loader, TL655 Loader, Case JX100U, JX55, JX65, JX70U, JX75, JX80U, JX85, JX90U, JX95, Kubota M110DTC, M110FC, M110GXDTC, M120DTC, M120FC, M125XDTC, M5500, M5500DT, M5950, M5950C, M5950DT, M5950DTC, M6030, M6030DT, M6030DTN, M6030DTNB, M6950, M6950C, M6950DT, M6950DTC, M7030, M7030DT, M7030DTNB, M7030N, M7500, M7500ACL, M7500DT, M7500DTACL, M7580DT, M7580DTC, M7950, M7950C, M7950DT, M7950DT-Mudder, M7950DTC, M7950H, M7950W, M8030, M8030DT, M8580DT, M8580DTC, M8950, M8950C, M8950DT, M8950DTC, M9580DT, M9580DTC, New Holland 1118 Windrower, 256 Eng, 7000, 7100, 7200, 750 Indust/Const, 755 Indust/Const, 755A Indust/Const, 755B Indust/Const, 7600, 7700, A62 Wheel Loader, LM430 Indust/Const
Thread 3/4"-16, OD 4 1/4", Height 5 13/16", Anti-drip valve, For diesel and gas applications

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