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Atlantic Quality Parts Lube Filter / Kubota HH520-15320

Brand: Stens
Product Code: HF1210
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Price: $31.33

Atlantic Quality Parts Lube Filter / Kubota HH520-15320

Part number : HF1210
Pack size : 1 ea
UPC code : 023899500055

Replace OEM & Other Cross References
Caterpillar 93-7521, Kubota 52200-15320, Kubota 52200-15321, Kubota HH520-15320, Massey Ferguson 370203M91, Baldwin BT305, Fleetguard HF35018, Wix 51621
Fits Model
Caterpillar 1090 Feller Buncher, 1190 Feller Buncher, 1190T Feller Buncher, 1290T Feller Buncher, 1390 Feller Buncher, 3046 Eng, 3054 Eng, 3064T Eng, 3066 Eng, 3114T Eng, 3116 Eng, 3116T Eng, 311B Excavator, 311C U Excavator, 311D LRR Excavator, 312B Excavator, 312B L Excavator, 312C Excavator, 312C L Excavator, 312D Excavator, 312D L Excavator, 314C CR Excavator, 314C LCR Excavator, 314D CR Excavator, 314D LCR Excavator, 315B Excavator, 315B L Excavator, 315C Excavator, 315C L Excavator, 315D L Excavator, 317B L Excavator, 317B LN Excavator, 318B L Excavator, 318B LN Excavator, 318C Excavator, 318C L Excavator, 318C LN Excavator, 319C LN Excavator, 319D Excavator, 3204 Eng, 320B Excavator, 320B L Excavator, 320B LN Excavator, 320B LU Excavator, 320B N Excavator, 320B S Excavator, 320B U Excavator, 320C Forest Swing Machine, 320C Excavator, 320C L Excavator, 320C LN Excavator, 320C LU Excavator, 320C MH, 320D Excavator, 320D L Excavator, 320D LRR Excavator, 320D RR Excavator, 320S Excavator, 320U Excavator, 321B LCR Excavator, 321C LCR Excavator, 321D LCR Excavator, 322B L Excavator, 322B LN Excavator, 322C Excavator, 322C Forest Swing Machine, 322C L Excavator, 322C LN Excavator, 323D Excavator, 323D L Excavator, 323D LN Excavator, 324D FM Forest Swing Machine, 324D L Excavator, 324D LN Excavator, 325B Excavator, 325B L Excavator, 325B LN Excavator, 325C Excavator, 325C Forest Swing Machine, 325C L Excavator, 325C LN Excavator, 325C MH, 325D Excavator, 325D L Excavator, 325D LN Excavator, 325D MH, 328D LCR Excavator, 3304 Eng, 3306 Eng, 330B Excavator, 330B L Excavator, 330C Excavator, 330C Forest Swing Machine, 330C L Excavator, 330C LN Excavator, 330C MH, 330C MH Excavator, 330D Excavator, 330D FM Forest Swing Machine, 330D L Excavator, 330D MH, 345 L Excavator Series II, 345B Excavator Series II, 345B Excavator, 345B L Excavator, 345B LC Excavator, 345C Excavator, 345C L Excavator, 345C MH, 345D Excavator, 345D L Excavator, 4D31 Eng, 4D31T Eng, 511 Feller Buncher, 521 Feller Buncher, 522 Feller Buncher, 532 Feller Buncher, 541 Feller Buncher, 550 Wheel Harvester, 550B Wheel Harvester, 551 Feller Buncher, 552 Feller Buncher, 554 Forwarder, 560B Wheel Harvester, 564 Forwarder, 570 Tree Harvester, 570B Wheel Harvester, 574 Forwarder, 574B Forwarder, 580 Tree Harvester, 580B Wheel Harvester, 6D22T Eng, 6D22TC Eng, C4.2 ENG, C6.4 Eng, E110 Excavator, E110B Excavator, E120 Excavator, E120B Excavator, E140 Excavator, E180 Excavator, E200B Excavator, E240 Excavator, E240B Excavator, E240C Excavator, E300 Excavator, E300B Excavator, E450 Excavator, E650 Excavator, E70 Excavator, EL180 Excavator, EL200B Excavator, EL240 Excavator, EL240B Excavator, EL240C Excavator, EL300 Excavator, EL300B Excavator, M325C MH, M325D Excavator, Mitsubishi Eng, TK1051 Feller Buncher, TK711 Feller Buncher, TK721 Feller Buncher, TK722 Feller Buncher, TK732 Feller Buncher, TK741 Feller Buncher, TK751 Feller Buncher, TK752 Feller Buncher, W330B Excavator, W330B MH Excavator, W345B Excavator, W345B MH, W345C Excavator, W345C MH, Kubota M100XDTC, M105XDTC, M108XDTC, M110DTC, M110FC, M110XDTC, M120DTC, M120FC, M125XDTC, M126XDTC, M126XDTPC, M135XDTC, M135XDTSC, M95XDTC, R420 Loader, R510 Loader, R510B Loader, R520 Loader, Massey Ferguson 1125, 1140 and 1145 Compact Tractors
Thread 1 1/8" -16, OD 3 11/16", Height 7 1/8"

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