Idech Power Rotary Scissors / Idech ASK-MW23

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Idech Power Rotary Scissors / Idech ASK-MW23

Part number : 385-581
Pack size : 1 ea

UPC code : 023899537709

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Idech : ASK-MW23
Blade rotation stops quickly when throttle is released; Bottom disk is designed to rest on the ground and prevent scalping; Fits straight shaft trimmers with solid drive shaft; vertically as an edger; Includes adapters to fit a variety of common trimmers; Includes adapters: 6mm-10 teeth, 7mm-13 teeth, 7mm-7 teeth, 8mm, 9 teeth and 5.2mm-square; Includes standard 18/15 tooth blade set; Patent pending design prevents kickback and thrown debris; Replacement blades available in standard 18/15 tooth with optional sets available of 21/18 teeth or 28/24 teeth; Safer to use around areas with sand or water, can even be used in shallow water; Use with 25cc or higher engine
Packaging type : OEM package
Packaging type OEM package

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